What Delectable Treat Will Leave You Not Only Wanting More, But Feeling Better Because You Ate It?  


The craving for this sweet treat is as old as the hills and we’re only now discovering some of the added benefits from enjoying it.  This amazingly decadent yet natural food has been coveted for centuries and has benefits that are almost too good to be true.


I’m not a researcher but I’ve learned that IT is supposed to:

  • Keep blood pressure down

  • Keep your blood flowing and your heart healthy

  • Promote alertness

  • Lessen pain

  • Promote well-being

  • Lessen anxiety

  • Have powerful antioxidant properties

  • … and this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg


This delectable dessert food is craved by men and women alike, although it’s generally considered a woman’s best friend.  What is it?




It’s Chocolate of Course!

And, I’ve Got The Ultimate 100 Year Old Chocolate Cook Book Just For You!


“Chocolate Matters! Chocolate Recipes For A Happy Heart and Soul.

135 Mouth-Watering Desserts From The Culinary Queens of 100 years Ago”





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This delightful chocolate cookbook is a trip into the gustatory pleasures of old. Long before we were led to believe chocolate wasn’t so good for us. 



Fortunately, Now We Know Better!




This is one cookbook you’ll actually enjoy reading just for its own sake.  The 19th Century language is colorful and almost lets you see directly into the lifestyles of ordinary people from 100 years ago.  You’ll get a real sense of pleasure while delving into this part of our country’s rich and tasty history. 


“You can almost hear the sounds of wooden spoons tapping against steel pots, heavy oven doors closing, and iceboxes dripping as blocks of ice melt.”  This was the time of milkmen in horse drawn delivery carriages riding through neighborhoods, and freshly baked pies cooling on windowsills in small towns all across the USA.


This historically preserved recipe book is from another time in our colorful past when Apollinaris water, Cottage Pudding and Crystallized Green Gages were commonplace products. 


Loaded with period expressions like these, this colorful chocolate cookbook will take you back in time to when Apollinaris Water was a famous brand of bottled water and Cottage Pudding was a popular Fannie Farmer Recipe.  But if you want to know more about Crystallized Green Gages or even what a gem pan is, you’ll just have to buy the book. 


When this book was penned, Fannie Farmer was at the height of her fame, with her cookbook becoming a best seller a little more than 10 years earlier.  The first edition of her cookbook sold an amazing 3,000 copies.  An incredible feat in 1896!





        “Imagine yourself cooking these classic delicacies in your

                                       own modern oven”


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Who Else Wants To Be A Better Chocolate Cook?


At the beginning of the 20th Century proper titles such as Mrs., Miss and Mr. were commonplace and we all look back on these times as being more genteel.  Since then women have fought for the right to vote, and addressing someone as Ms. is now considered ‘politically correct’.


Brought back to life from an era when you not only knew your neighbor but also grew up with them, you’ll hear from prominent women of the day such as Sarah Tyson Rorer, a pioneer of dietetics and one of the most famous cooking teachers of her time. 


Another of these notable women was Mrs. Mary J. Lincoln.  While she wasn’t related to our 16th President she was a very accomplished woman and the first principal of the Boston Cooking School.  Each of these women was considered a master of her culinary craft.  They were the Julia Childs and Rachael Rays of their day.


Period household celebrities like Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill and Miss Parloa are about to be your ‘best friends’ in the kitchen.  You’ll even be treated to recipes specially prepared by Miss Elizabeth Kevill Burr who, among other things, shares her family recipe for making three gallons of breakfast cocoa. 



A yummy cup of Breakfast Cocoa.


You’ll learn the difference between Cocoa Marble Cake and Chocolate Marble Cake… and it’s not just substituting chocolate for cocoa!  Miss Burr’s recipe for cooking up Cocoa Sticks is also quite a treat.


I doubt any two ‘modern’ people using these recipes will turn out exactly the same great dessert dish.  With instructions such as a “bake in a moderately hot oven”, your own tastes and preferences are sure to come through loud and clear so you can actually call these brilliant recipes your own without feeling like you're fudging too much.  Besides, I won’t tell.



“I brought Miss Elizabeth Kevill Burr’s sponge cake to a neighborhood party. Everyone thought it looked good but no one was digging in. Then I told a couple of people it was a special recipe from a famous cooking teacher in 1909 and the cake disappeared almost immediately. I didn’t even get a chance to try it!”


Maxine Jones Maxine Jones, Atlanta, Georgia      




“All Gone”


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When Home-Made Really Was Home-Made.


If you’re a true dessert lover, this recipe book is for you.  There are recipes for puddings, fudges, cakes, pies, ice creams, sauces, soufflés, and maybe even a couple of dessert dishes you haven’t heard of.  Love caramels? They're here. Profiteroles? Éclairs? You'll find them, too.


These tasty old-style after dinner concoctions are from a time when ‘home-made’ was the norm and ‘store bought’ was thought to be cheating.  With this recipe book, your most challenging decision will be which recipe for marble cake you'll make today.


             “With 135 unique recipes, you could prepare two

              different old-time desserts every single week for well

              over a year,  or a ‘new’ dessert every week for more

              than 2 years!”





“This is Pure Culinary Gold!”



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“Our family loves to cook together. I feel like my kids learn a lot and they like to eat the creations. I was thrilled to find this sweet collection of recipes to share with my family. We all love chocolate! I find the format easier for my 8-year-old to read than a standard recipe and both my kids love the old-fashioned names like Cracked Cocoa and Cinderella Cakes....what is a charlotte anyway? Let’s cook and find out....we always get a pleasant surprise."


Carlyn Bond
Chicago, Illinois



So, Just Like Plain Old Chocolate?


Miss M.E. Robinson even shares her personal recipe for making … you guessed it, hot chocolate.


If you can visualize yourself lying back in a lounge chair eating candies, then Genesee Bon-Bons on Page 34 is just what you need.  Can you also imagine yourself preparing Choice Chocolate Pecan Pralines to die for? Page 64. And how about Chocolate Coated Parisian Sweets? Check out page 62. 






"Heidi Walter's cookbook conjures up another era when recipes were simpler and could be followed by home cooks with little experience. It is a refreshing change of pace in a day and age when some cookbooks have become so sophisticated that they can be daunting for people with little time or practical knowledge."


 Ann Lipscomb, Seattle, Washington


"As a very busy professional, I really don't have a lot of extra time to cook. However, I am of Italian extraction, so naturally I love good food and I love cooking up great meals for my friends. These chocolate recipes make things easy for me. They're short, have easy-to-find ingredients and they are time-tested: they've been around for 100 years! My favorites so far are Chocolate Peanut Clusters and Stuffed Dates, Chocolate Dipped."



    Susan Borrelli, DC


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The Good Old Days…


I can still remember when Halloween meant my Mom’s popcorn balls, for me and for all the kids lucky enough to show up at our door.  While we don’t give out home-made treats for Halloween any more, Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill’s Chocolate Popcorn Balls are sure to be a hit at any private party or pot luck dinner these days.


Chocolate Nougatines have a wonderful old-fashioned and delicious sound; my mouth waters just hearing the name. If this doesn't have quite the same effect on you as it does me, how about some wonderfully decadent "Pistachio Chocolate Creams" or "Mrs. Ewing's Creamy Cocoa?"






Just Love Candies?


How about 44 unique recipes for home-made chocolates?  Everything from hedonistic ‘Vassar Fudge’ to delectable ‘Chocolate Molasses Kisses’, and from crunchy-chewy ‘Chocolate Peanut Brittle’ to melt-in-your-mouth ‘Chocolate Peppermints’, it’s all here.







How much would you expect to pay for an treasure trove like this?  A first edition would probably go for thousands of dollars.  And if you could find an early edition in a collector’s bookstore you’d probably be looking at more than $100.


Of course I don’t have any originals to sell, only the original well- preserved text as a modern day e-book.  It is undeniably a treasured chocolate cookbook with enough fabulous old-fashioned recipes to keep you in ‘hog heaven’ for some time to come, but I’m sure you’d still expect to get it for a reasonable price. 


Even though your friends will probably start asking you to “come on over and bring along one of your famous chocolate desserts”, you wouldn’t expect to pay $75 or even $50 … would you?


Well I’m offering this enticing cookbook for only $5.97.  So get your credit card ready and be prepared to spend some quality time in your kitchen.




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Plus, if you buy today, you'll get this specially-prepared 7-Page Free Report: “What The Medical Community is Saying Today About The Health Benefits of Chocolate.”  Hear all the very latest up-to-date research about how chocolate helps with blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart health and find out why AARP magazine calls chocolate the winner in antioxidant foods. Read for yourself what the top doctors and scientists conducting these tests say about our favorite food.




You’ve got nothing to lose and fabulously tasty adventures to look forward to.  So go ahead and give it try.  I just know you’re going to love it.


Yours Truly,


Heidi Walter


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P.S. Remember, you get the delectable ebook of 135 chocolate recipes, Chocolate Matters! Chocolate Recipes For A Happy Heart and Soul,” plus the free 7-page report on all the latest medical research on the health benefits of chocolate, all for only $5.97



P.P.S.  If you’re still “thinking about it”, remember you have up to 60 days to make up your mind.  So go ahead and dive into the deep end of the chocolate pool.  "The chocolate is just fine."



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